"...By Its Cover" is the twentieth episode of the third season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on March 31, 1983.

Plot Edit

Magnum meets an old Naval Academy buddy and ends up delivering marijuana.

Synopsis Edit

Magnum works to throw the book at a corrupt parole officer who is threatening an encyclopedia salesman recently released from prison.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Stuart Margolin as Rod Crysler
  • Ronald Hunter as Emmet Donner
  • Ted Gehring as Herm Dunbar
  • Carlene Watkins as Ms. Gordon, Parole Officer
  • Robert Feero as Dolphie Crenshaw
  • Robert Apisa as Mack
  • Clay Wai as Tony
  • Peter Bourne as Ray (credited as Peter Bourne Jr.)

Trivia Edit

  • This episode features some nice views of the Hawaii Kai area of Oahu.
  • "5-0" (from Hawaii Five-0) is mentioned again; T.C. says to Magnum, "I still can't understand why 5-0 couldn't chauffeur you around, man".
  • There is a reference to Tom Selleck's 1977 TV movie Bunco with Robert Urich.
  • Ted Gehring (Herm Dunbar) appeared with Tom Selleck in the 1979 television movie (and failed pilot) The Gypsy Warriors.

Quotes Edit

Rod Crysler: Hey man, I'm so clean it smells good!

(T.C.'s chopper is landing on a beach)
Ray: You don't think that could be Da kine, huh?
Tony: Yeah, definitely, brah! That's Da kine! The whirlybird express!

(Higgins & Magnum are discussing the newlywed guests of Robin Masters who are staying at the estate)
Higgins: The Baron sent word that he and Miss Elle would be leaving this afternoon.
Magnum: They sent word!?
Higgins: Yes, they havn't left their suite since they arrived on Thursday.
Magnum: Five days!?
Higgins: I just keep sending in food and drink. It's absolutely decadent.
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