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A Girl Named Sue is the seventh episode of the eighth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on January 13, 1988.


Magnum is hired by an attractive woman to find the missing will of her late father, who was recently killed in a suspicious boating accident, which she suspects her brother of being behind, in order to steal the will. Working on the case, Thomas finds that former client Susan Johnson - with whom he was once locked in a bank vault - is now a fellow private investigator, and is working on the same case - for the brother, who suspects his sister as responsible for their father's death. The two P.I.s are soon locked in a battle of wills as they each race to solve the investigation first, but the pair are forced to put their rather love-hate relationship to one side and team up to solve the case of sibling rivalry.




  • Carol Burnett as Susan Johnson