"Almost Home" is the tenth episode of the third season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on December 9, 1982.

Plot Edit

Magnum helps a cocktail waitress from Cleveland who wants to place her father's remains on the battleship Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

Synopsis Edit

When a woman is denied permission to scatter her late father's ashes at a Pearl Harbor memorial, Magnum delves into the past to investigate a decades-old court-martial ruling.

Cast Edit

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Recurring Edit

Guest Edit

  • Gillian Dobb as Agatha Chumley
  • Stephen Elliott as Rear Admiral Philip Wheeler, USN
  • Beulah Quo as Mrs. Iko Tamura
  • Gilbert Green as Vic Stout
  • Gabriel Aio as Kimo
  • Charles Faust as Seaman
  • Ruth Lin as Receptionist

Trivia Edit

  • Kathleen Lloyd had a reoccurring role as Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin in 20 episodes.

Quotes Edit

Rick: I think I'm in love!
T.C. (Checks watch): Ten minutes to ten. I wondered how long it'd take you to fall in love today.

(Magnum pulls up in the Ferrari)
Higgins: Magnum, there's nothing quite like the whine of a high performance engine to distrupt an absolutely delightful afternoon tea. How thoughtful of you.
Magnum: Gee, Higgins, I'm sorry. I just didn't realize.
Higgins: You didn't think, as usual. I suppose I should be grateful you didn't bring that... that... whatever she does back here.
Magnum: SHE is a cocktail waitress and she's at her motel freshening up.
Higgins: Of course.
Magnum: Oh, how IS the tea going? Are you dipping scones and baking hot cross buns? (laughs)
Higgins: The tea, save for your interruption, is smashing, absolutely smashing.
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