"Birdman of Budapest" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on February 10, 1983.

Plot Edit

Robin Masters' high school English teacher is staying at the estate while she writes a book about birds.

Synopsis Edit

Robin Masters believes that his mentor is in town to interview a reclusive bird expert, but Magnum learns that she really has murder on her mind.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Sylvia Sidney as Elizabeth Barrett
  • Joseph Wiseman as Dr. Albert Tessa
  • Jacqueline Ray as Ms. Roebuck (credited as Jacquelyn Selleck)
  • Fritz Feld as Lars
  • David Kraul as Vladimir, in Budapest
  • Mel Cabang as Taxi Driver

Trivia Edit

  • Selleck's ex-wife Jacqueline Ray made her guest appearance.
  • Joseph Wiseman (Dr. Albert Tessa) was Dr. Julius No in the famous 1962 James Bond movie Dr. No.

Quotes Edit

Magnum: I promise, Higgins. No football games on the lawn, no gunfire before breakfast, no stewardesses unless they promise not to yodel, ok.

Higgins: Magnum, I implore you. I beset you. Take that woman to Tessa at once before I go irrevocably, irretrievably mad!!

(to the bartender)
Rick: Gimmee some brew, Drew.
T.C.: Ice tea, Lee. (laughs)

Higgins: Are you telling me that the woman who has been driving me mad for a week is an imposter?
Magnum: I'm afraid so, Higgins.
Higgins: Well, if she isn't Elizabeth who is she?

Magnum: KGB? Hungarian Secret Police? I don't know, it doesn't matter. What does matter is she came here after Tessa and I led her straight to him.

"Elizabeth Barrett": I hate you!
Higgins: The feeling madam... is mutual.
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