Black is the Widow is the seventeenth episode of the first season in the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I. which was aired on March 4, 2019.

Summary Edit

After a man is murdered, Magnum poses as a doctor on the same dating app the victim was using in order to find the killer who may be praying on wealthy men.

Notes Edit

  • When Katsumoto handcuffs Cleo to the car, her hand is not locked in the cuff, it is open around her wrist.


Trivia Edit

  • Dennis Chun makes a crossover appearance as HPD Sergeant Duke Lukela from Hawaii Five-0 (2010).

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Cast Edit

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Guest Edit

  • David Bell as Manu Saluni
  • Christian Yelich as Himself
  • Gia Mantegna as Karen McDowell
  • Jonathan Goldstein as Roland McDowell
  • Jenny Wade as Cleo Jennings
  • Brandon Karrer as Davis Sadler
  • Danielle C. Ryan as Blair Newman
  • Camille Claire as Kesha Harman
  • Ehiku Kaono as Jesse Sanders
  • Kendall Carroll as Melissa Conroy
  • Roxy Otm as Kai
  • Nicholas Yee as CSU Tech
  • Lei Kaniaupio as Dr. Lily Okana
  • Dennis Chun as HPD Sergeant Duke Lukela
  • Ka'olu Holt as Player #1
  • Sean Yamaguchi as Player #2
  • Aukai Kea as Player #3
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