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Blood in the Water is the nineteenth episode of the first season in the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I. which was aired on March 25, 2019.


When Magnum and Higgins get "yacht-jacked," Higgins is shot and she and Magnum are stranded at sea, struggling to reach land before she bleeds out and the culprits return to finish them off.


  • Juliet Higgins makes a comment to Magnum that Robin Masters is not Charles Foster Kane. In the original "Magnum P.I." (1980-88), Robin Masters is played by Orson Welles. Welles also famously created and portrayed Charles Foster Kane in the classic "Citizen Kane" (1941).
  • When Juliet gets shot she drops into the ocean. As with all oceans, it has "salt" water. She should be screaming her lungs out.
  • When Rick and T.C. find and board Robin's boat at the marina, they pass by a boat the "Minnow" - the name of the boat used in Gilligan's Island.



  • As to what T.R. Belle means, it means trouble. If you say the name fast enough, it sounds like trouble.


Thomas Magnum: I can't believe you don't know what "T.R. Belle" stands for.
Juliet Higgins: Neither do you.
Thomas Magnum: Yeah, but you had it stenciled on the boat. You had a-a week to figure it out. I've had, like, one hour. T.R. Belle. Maybe T.R. is for... tax return. Teddy Roosevelt. Turkey robot.
Juliet Higgins: [sarcastic] Turkey robot. Yeah, that's definitely it.
Thomas Magnum: Who knows? Maybe it's the name of Robin's next book. In the future, an army of robotic turkeys take over the world.





  • Paul Yen as Kahi Kina
  • Samantha Neyland as Clara
  • Kamakani De Dely as Gary Chung
  • Tobias Jeliner as Brandon Leeds
  • Anthony Molinari as Fisherman #2
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