"Computer Date" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on January 14, 1982.

Plot Edit

Magnum is searching for a spy who's been selling computer information from a large corporation. The president of the company tells him he suspects his wife of having an affair and asks him to follow her. Magnum is distressed to find her having an intimate dinner with one of his best friends, Rick.

Synopsis Edit

Magnum is working double duty for a large corporation, investigating computer espionage and also the company president's cheating wife. But he finds himself in a compromising position when the identity of the "other man" is discovered.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Recurring Edit

  • Jeff MacKay as Lieutenant McReynolds

Guest Edit

  • Charles Aidman as James Randolph
  • Nancy DeCarl as Claudia Randolph
  • Edward Bell as J. Weston Reese
  • Wayne Ward as Dixon
  • Olga Marr as Lady Ashley
  • Douglas Mossman as Kaapa (credited as Doug Mossman)
  • Frank Atienza as Security Guard
  • Marguerite Matsumura as Maid

Trivia Edit

  • Higgins is seen smoking cigarettes again. This is the second and final episode of the series that we see him smoke a cigarette.
  • T.C. is seen wearing a hawaiian shirt, a rare sight for him!
  • Magnum is seen driving the Ferrari with the roof on, something that only happens a handful of times in the show.

Quotes Edit

Higgins: I say, did someone die?
Magnum: What?
Higgins: You're almost wearing a suit. I should think the only occasion for which you would do that would be a funeral.

Higgins: The last time I saw Penelope, I was considerably ... different looking.
Magnum: Well, so was she. You're probably not the only one who got fat.

Magnum: Normally, the chance to make Higgins sweat would have seemed like a lot of fun. Today, it barely raised a smile.

(To Magnum)
T.C.: What's with this ethical madness?

(To Magnum)
Rick: This is a private club! Unless you've got membership money pal I suggest you leave, and leave now!
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