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Day of the Viper is the thirteenth episode of the first season in the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I. which was aired on January 21, 2019.


Magnum and Higgins are shocked when one of her former MI6 teammates shows up with a fresh gunshot wound and news that "the Viper," the assassin who killed Higgins' true love, has surfaced on Oahu. Also, while Magnum's busy helping Higgins track down the Viper, he asks Rick to take over a case, a task that Rick relishes until it goes sideways.


  • The episode is clearly influenced by the original series episode "Did You See The Sunrise?" In it, Magnum's old friend Mac dies by a car bomb meant for Thomas and Magnum takes revenge by killing the culprit. In the climactic scene, Ivan, who planted the bomb, tells Magnum he won't shoot him because he can't murder someone in cold blood. Magnum does so anyway, firing his gun as the show's credits begin. In "Viper," it is Higgins' lover who has been murdered and she has to be talked out of killing the perpetrator, who similarly tells her she can't do it. Only in this version Higgins turns him over to the law.
  • Also, in "Viper," Magnum is seen watching the movie "Stalag 17" on TV, just as he is in "Sunrise."
  • TC rescues Magnum and Higgins from the police by hitting the police car with the limo, then stealing the police car. Later the police car is clearly not damaged.
  • Higgins hangs up on Magnum who is on his mobile phone at a hotel and there's a dial tone. Mobile phones don't have dial tones.
  • British actor Nigel Lindsay had recently appeared as Prime Minister Robert Peel in the first two seasons of the historical drama series, Victoria, which stars Jenna Coleman, a close friend of Perdita Weeks' since the two appeared together in the 2012 miniseries, Titanic.



  • Despite being credited, Tim Kang do not appear in this episode.






  • Nigel Lindsay as Ian Pryce
  • James Taku Leung as Jing Kuan
  • Yaani King Mondschein as Fiona Mahoe
  • Russell Satele as Armed Man #1
  • Kimberly Buhay as Monica
  • Miriam Lucien as Red Dress
  • Keola Simpson as HPD Cop
  • Keala Patterson as Woman
  • Joshua Chang as Jeremy
  • J'aime Spezzano as Lana Stolper
  • Howard W. Bishop as Donald Stolper
  • Tracy Yamamoto as Lauren Solper
  • Chad Lerma as David Gomez
  • Annastasia Fiala-Watkins as David Gomez's Date
  • Francis Chantavong as Security
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