"Distant Relative" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on October 20, 1983.

Summary Edit

Rick's 22-year-old sister Wendy arrives in Hawaii. Rick still believes that she is a young, innocent girl and asks Magnum to entertain her while Rick works at the club.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Recurring Edit

  • Elisha Cook Jr. as Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler (credited as Elisha Cook)
  • Kathleen Lloyd as Carol Baldwin
  • Gillian Dobb as Agatha Chumley

Guest Edit

  • Alice Cadogan as Wendy Wright
  • Carol Channing as Herself
  • James Coleman as Dave - the Federal Agent (credited as James Lawrence)
  • Douglas Mossman as Police Officer Riley (credited as Doug Mossman)
  • Frank Atienza as Police Sergeant Puna
  • George O'Hanlon Jr. as Frank - the Federal Agent

Trivia Edit

  • We learn that both of Rick's parents are dead. This will be both supported and contradicted in several future episodes.
  • This episode features a great chopper chase scene, with Rick manning the door gunner post and raining down hot lead with his Uzi! The Pali Tunnels are seen several times during the chase, as well.
  • The closing credits feature some shots of Magnum shooting down the RC plane that were not seen in the actual episode - we see Magnum taking aim with the shotgun and firing.

Quotes Edit

Rick: Now, if you need me for anything just call me at the club... and remember, 10:30.
Magnum: I'll remember Orvie.
Rick: And drive slow. And absolutely no bars. The closest she's come to alcohol has been sacramental wine.

(Magnum and Rick's sister Wendy are at Tijuana Tokyo, a New Wave club)
Wendy Wright: I'll have a Bora Gora Bazooka.
Magnum: A what!?
Wendy Wright: A Bora Gora Bazooka. That's two kinds of rum, vodka, three kinds of liqueur, and I think fruit punch.
Magnum: I'll have a beer, in a longneck bottle (New Wavers laugh)... Look, we shouldn't be in a place like this. Rick wouldn't like it.
Wendy Wright: Relax will ya. I'm over twenty-one.
(short while later)
Magnum: Wendy, this is not a date!
Wendy Wright: Oh, come on. Don't be an old poop. You're a good lookin' guy. We could have fun.
Magnum: That's it! Come on, I should of never let you drag me into a place like this. Come on, we can still get the last half of Bambi. Thumper's probably still alive.
Wendy Wright: Relax will ya. Gee, you'd think I have the plague, or something... Alright, you wanna play Mr. Nice Guy, fine.
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