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Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii is the pilot episode of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on December 11, 1980.


Part 1[]

When Oahu-based private investigator Thomas Magnum's childhood friend and Naval comrade, Dan Cook, turns up dead, Magnum is adamant that the official cause of death, a burst bag of smuggled cocaine, is bogus. He enlists the aid of Dan's sister, Alice, in taking on the Navy to uncover the true nature of the top-secret assignment Dan was working on before his death.

Part 2[]

Magnum and Alice continue in their quest to find out the truth behind Lt. Dan Cook's death and find themselves uncovering a case of gold smuggling and a criminal mastermind whom Magnum and Dan once knew in Vietnam. But in trying to find out what really did happen to his deceased friend, Magnum puts his own life on the line as someone tries to stop him from continuing his investigation using any means necessary.




  • Pamela Susan Shoop as Alice Cook
  • Clyde Kusatsu as Naval Medical Examiner
  • Robert Loggia as Trusseau
  • Fritz Weaver as Captain J. Cooly, USN
  • Lillian Müller as Greta (credited as Yuliis Ruval)
  • Jeff MacKay as Ski (credited as Jeff Mackay)
  • Judge Reinhold as Seaman Wolfe


  • Magnum breaks down the fourth wall (by looking directly at the audience) for the first of many times to come.


Magnum: It's funny the things a grown man will do for a living. (narration)
Magnum: (To the lads) Hey guys!
Magnum: Don't look at the dogs, work the lock... (looks at dogs)... You looked at the dogs!
Magnum: Higgins, you yo-yo!
Higgins: Don't ruin my whisky with ice! I'm not a bloody American!
Magnum: Dan Cook was murdered and I'm gonna prove it! And when I do, you can kiss those gold stripes you spent thirty years egg-sucking for goodbye!
  Season 1 (1980)
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