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Double Jeopardy is the 1st episode of the third season for the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I., and the fortieth episode overall, which first aired on December 4, 2020.


Magnum and Higgins are hired by a couple, with the woman, Helen, saying she is trying to find her missing brother, Max. It turns out that the couple were just using the detectives to lead them to Max, and when they do, Helen shoots and kills Max for making her take the rap and serve 15 years for a homicide he committed. During their escape, Higgins is shot, and Magnum rushes her to the hospital. At the same time, the couple forces TC to take them to an airport in his chopper, but Rick uses an old trick to end that threat. Magnum is taken aback when he overhears Higgins' surgeon ask her out on a date. As the episode closes, a vehicle follows Magnum and Higgins as they leave the hospital in the Ferrari.



  • It's never said in dialogue, but its very clear to the audience, that the Doctor treating Higgins looks very like Magnum. This then raises some intriguing subtext issues, that later episodes explore.
  • The episode title could also be a tongue in cheek reference to how Magnum and the Doctor look so alike they could be each others double, and how it could affect Higgins and Magnum's "friendship".
  • Most times when Magnum was in the Ferrari, he was not wearing his seat belt. Even after Higgins told him to buckle up and it is the law.
  • Ethan Shah has introduced for the first time.


  • Max Martinez


  • This episode confirms that some of the Hawaii Five-O regulars--in this case, Kimee Balmilero and Shawn Mokuahi Garnett will continue to recur on this series; there's also a reference to Kamekona, though he doesn't appear.
  • The debut of Jay Ali in this episode.
  • Paola Nunez is the guest appearance in this episode.






  • Paola Nunez as Helen
  • Brian Letscher as Bruce
  • Kap Te'o-Tafiti as Shota
  • Juan-Pablo Veizaga as Max Martinez
  • Andrea Johnson as Anesthesiologist
  • Nikol Luoma as Nurse
  • Andre West as Dr. Alan Healy
  • Keola Simpson as HPD Sergeant
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