"Dream a Little Dream" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on March 15, 1984.

Plot Edit

Magnum takes on the case of an old friend who's a pro surfer with an ex-husband trying to kidnap their daughter.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Cindy Pickett as Karen Teal
  • Alexandra Diamond as Sandy
  • Jeff Celentano as Larry (credited as Jeff Weston)
  • Robert Apisa as Joe Soames
  • Rosetta Tarantino as Leah

Trivia Edit

  • Haleiwa (on the North Shore) is used as a filming location for several scenes.
  • The blue and white chopper that T.C. flew for Ken Enderlin Charters is a Hughes 500-C, registered with the number N9267F. It is registered to Heli Logistics Inc. (Honolulu). It is a 1975 model, Serial # 1150778S.
  • Magnum's three Tours of Duty in Vietnam are mentioned again, this time by Higgins.

Quotes Edit

(to Magnum)
Higgins: Your extremely limited capacity for pain never ceases to amaze me. As does the fact that you actually survived three tours of duty in Vietnam.

(knock, knock)
Magnum: Who's there?
Higgins: Magnum!
Magnum: Magnum who? (laughs)

Karen Teal: ...I don't even have a sponsor. All I want to do is surf... and win.
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