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Echoes of the Mind (Part 1) is the first episode (two-part episode) of the fifth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on September 27, 1984.


Higgins is getting married, and Magnum is hired by Diane Dupres, who believes people are attempting to harm her.




  • Gillian Dobb as Agatha Chumley


  • Deborah Pratt as Gloria
  • Carolyn Seymour as Elizabeth, Lady Ashley
  • Sharon Stone as Diane Dupres / Deirdre Dupres
  • June Chadwick as English Flight Attendant
  • George Innes as David Billingsworth
  • Elissa Dulce Hoopai as Rosine (as Elissa Hoopai)
  • Glenn Cannon as Dr. Ibold
  • Clem Stone as Airline Attendant


  • This episode features a memorable early-career appearance from future mega-star Sharon Stone (Diane Dupres). Sharon was 26 when this episode was filmed and was pretty much an unknown actress at this point in her career, although she does receive a 'Special Guest Star' credit. Sharon will make an uncredited flashback appearance (taken from this episode) as Diane Dupres in the next episode "Mac's Back".
  • The famous "shower scene" between Selleck and Stone is only the second "shower scene" (man/woman in shower together with implied sexual overtones) shown on network primetime TV. The first was on St. Elsewhere (Nov. 1983) with Dr. Bobby Caldwell (NCIS star Mark Harmon) and Joan Halloran (Nancy Stafford)
  • Deborah Pratt makes her second appearance as Gloria, T.C.'s girlfriend. She will later write the teleplays for "Little Games" and "Little Girl Who". At the time, she was Donald Bellisario's ex-wife.
  • A person, probably a crew member, is rushing across the street in the first shot of the episode before the Porsche enters frame.
  • The music for the opening sequence is a cover of Vangelis' end credits music for Blade Runner.


(Magnum has just been viciously attacked by a Rottweiler)
Doc Ibold: This is nothing. I was hunting up in Utah, must've been '68 or '69. A pack of wild dogs brought down a deer hunter. His right leg was all chewed off at the knee, but that wasn't the worst part...

Higgins: Lady Ashley, you look positively smashing, especially for a woman your age.

Magnum: I feel like John Garfield, Higgins. You know, in some kind of '40s movie. It's as if our lives are to be inter-meshed and there is nothing I can do about it.
Higgins: You're falling in love.
Magnum: I just met her!
Higgins: Well it happens that way sometimes, if you're lucky. I'll never forget the day I met Elizabeth, Lady Ashley.

Magnum: What happened to Lord Ashley?
Higgins: A bit of underdone potato. He choked to death.
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