Erica Luttrell
Mpi erica luttrell
Biographical Information
Real Name: Erica Shukrani Luttrell
Born: 20 March 1982
Age: 38
Originally From: Toronto, Ontario
Personal Information
First appearance: Six Paintings, One Frame
Portrays: Allie Mahelona

Erica Luttrell (born March 20, 1982) is a Canadian actress.

She played Allie Mahelona in the 2018 series Magnum P.I.

Early Life Edit

Luttrell was born in Toronto, Ontario, to a Tanzanian mother and an American father. Luttrell is the youngest of four sisters. She can speak some French and Swahili. She began her acting career at age two in several Pampers and Cadillac commercials. At age nine, she had her first starring role in a television series. Her older sister Rachel Luttrell is also an actress, and is best known for her role as Teyla Emmagan in the science fiction TV series Stargate Atlantis.

Career Edit

Luttrell is best known for her role as Kara in the children's television series Shining Time Station, and as the voice of Keesha Franklin in The Magic School Bus. In 1997, she starred as Emelie Robeson in The New Ghostwriter Mysteries. After several seasons of those and other TV series, she migrated south to Los Angeles, California. In 2004, Luttrell was the voice of Candy in the short-lived Disney television series Dave the Barbarian. She also voices Sapphire in the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, Glori in the Cartoon Network series Mighty Magiswords, and Emily Kaldwin in the 2016 video game Dishonored 2. She also starred in the CBS sci-fi drama Salvation.

Appearances Edit

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