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"Forty Years from Sand Island" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on February 24, 1983.


Two Japanese-Americans who were interned on Sand Island in January 1942 witness two soldiers beating a fellow Japanese internee to death. This incident causes repercussions today.


There is no stopping Magnum as he races to find the person who tampered with the brakes of the Ferrari while Higgins was driving.




  • James Shigeta as Dr. Richard Enoka
  • Keye Luke as Goto
  • Marilyn Tokuda as Nancy Nakamura
  • John Roselius as Pro Golfer, in Golf Shop (credited as John L. Roselius)
  • Danny Kamekona as Russell Nakamura, Nancy's Father
  • David Palmer as Hank Sorenso
  • Michael Duffett as Victor Goertz
  • Francesca Dodge as Nurse
  • Brian Clark as U.S. Army Corporal, in 1942
  • Christopher Coad as Sergeant
  • Francis Yoshida as Kirin Nakamura


  • Magnum and T.C. are seen wearing their MIA bracelets for the first time!
  • Higgins hurts his right arm, head, neck, and back in the Ferrari crash (brake failure). Magnum is shot in the right shoulder.


(Higgins is looking through books and old newspapers in the study)
Magnum: Re-living old campaigns, Higgins? (laughs)
Higgins: Actually, no. Mr. Masters asked me to do some research for his next novel, a portion of which is set in Hawaii during World War II.
Magnum: It's already been written, Higgins. It's called 'From Here to Eternity' and I think it just about covers it.

Higgins: I find it particularly offensive that you used them to wash down an order from something called "Macho Taco"!
Magnum: Higgins, don't do this terrible thing. I am on a case, now if you don't mind.
Higgins: But, I do mind very much. The very thought of a Chateau du Beaux anywhere near a "Macho Taco"! Really Magnum, civilized people must set some sort of standards. In the final analysis, it's all we got!

Higgins: My god Magnum, you sound like Perry Mason!
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