"From Moscow to Maui" is the third episode of the second season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on October 29, 1981.

Plot Edit

A defected Russian pilot named Yuri Dolgof hires Magnum to get his fiancée Nina, a member of the Soviet track team to defect as well.

Synopsis Edit

T.C., Rick and Higgins help take on the K.G.B. when Magnum helps a Soviet athlete defect and run from her Olympic track team.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Jeff Pomerantz as Yuri Dolgof
  • Allan Rich as Coluga
  • Jan Ivan Dorin as Tarisoff
  • Susan Heldfond as Nina
  • Marianne Muellerleile as Olga
  • Robert Apisa as Mortician #1 (credited as Bob Apisa)
  • Richard McPherson as Mortician #2 (credited as Richard MacPherson)
  • R.J. Arterburn as Turk
  • Jeff Albert as Russian Agent
  • John Dullaghan as Col. Mark Halver
  • Jim Grimshaw as Major

Trivia Edit

  • The Russian MiG-30 aircraft, which, in reality, doesn't exist, is clearly a repainted American F4 Phantom. The ending credits thank the Hawaii Air National Guard for its assistance.

Quotes Edit

Higgins: It is eminently satisfying, Magnum, to know that as a result of this, a few heads will roll in Moscow. You know, when I was in Vienna, the Sovjets tried to recruit me as an agent. Unbelievable crude, I came home one night to find a naked woman in my bed. I knew immediately she was Russian. They use stainless steel
(taps his teeth)
Higgins: instead of gold.

Yuri Dolgof: You're a private investigator?
Magnum: Yes.
(laughs amiably while drying his hair with a towel)
Yuri Dolgof: You are wearing a swimsuit.
Magnum: Don't worry, I got a whole closet full of pants.

Magnum: Remember I told ya I didn't like getting egg on my face? Well right now, I'm wearing a whole omelet.

Magnum: Oh, come on, TC, is it too much to ask to get my slides right side up?
TC: Not a problem, not a problem, not to worry. I forgot what a nasty C.O. you can be...

Magnum: [attempting to bribe the house detective] Look, couldn't we settle this with a little green piece of paper, you know the kind with Andrew Jackson's picture on it?
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