"Ghost Writer" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on December 24, 1981.

Plot Edit

Virginia Fowler is ghost writing the autobiography of the elusive, wealthy eccentric Harold Farber. She hires Magnum after her apartment is ransacked and her notes and tapes of the book are stolen.

Synopsis Edit

It's no mystery that the pen is mightier than the sword when a woman "writing" the biography of an eccentric millionaire whom she has never met suddenly finds that all of her work has been stolen.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Patch Mackenzie as Virginia Fowler
  • Elisha Cook Jr. as Harold W. Farber (credited as Elisha Cook)
  • Alan Fudge as Security Chief Arthur
  • Louise Lewis as Mrs. Ballard (credited as Louise Fitch)
  • Jon Lormer as Barker, the Butler
  • Edward Sheehan as Emerson White (credited as Ed Sheehan)
  • Randy Spangler as Mike
  • L. Christian Moore asOscar

Trivia Edit

  • The script for this episode was written by Caroline Elias who appears to be the same person as Magnum P.I. hair stylist Carolyn Elias.
  • Patch Mackenzie made her guest appearance in this episode.

Quotes Edit

Magnum: I was in the Navy. Career man, Navy all the way.
Virginia Fowler: What happened?
Magnum: I started asking myself a lot of questions...
Virginia Fowler: And?!
Magnum: I'm still asking.

Magnum: With my forty-five nuzzling his ear, I expected the guy to take us to his employer...

(Magnum is conning Rick into helping him)
Rick: Alright, I'll do the favor, but let's get one thing straight, I'm not gonna put on ANY dumb disguise. I'm not playing garbage men, delivery men, sewer men, any other kind of men, is that clear?
Magnum: Of course.
(Cut to next scene, where Rick is dressed as a liquor store delivery man, delivering "muscatel for the penthouse")
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