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Hannah was the love interest of Thomas Magnum on Magnum P.I.. She is portrayed by Jordana Brewster.



Hannah was a CIA case officer. She was embedded with Magnum and his friends in Afghanistan. Her assignment was to use her assets and analysis to locate high-value targets that they'd then go after. At some point, she became romantically involved with Magnum, and he was about to propose to her.

Magnum and his friends were on a mission in the Hindu Kush, and got captured. They initially thought it was bad luck. For Magnum, the worst part about being held was fearing that he'd never see Hannah again. One day, he was watching the street through a crack in the prison wall, and saw a jeep arrived. Hannah stepped out of the jeep and approached a high-rank Afghan officer. Magnum thought she came to negotiate their release, but soon realized that wasn't why she was there: he saw the officer giving her an envelope, she looked inside it, then left. Only then it occurred to Magnum that Hannah was one of very few people who knew the details of the mission, and that she betrayed them. Shocked, Magnum repeatedly cried her name. He has been asking himself for years what the reason for the betrayal was, but could not figure why.[1]

Reunion with Magnum[]

During an investigation about the gold shipment that Sebastian Nuzo was killed for ("I Saw the Sun Rise"), Magnum learns to know that Hannah is in the island, and is somehow involved. When he confronts Hannah, he demands to know why she betrayed them, but she refuses to answer. Later he foils Hannah's plan to rob the gold while it is transferred by the police.[1]

Some time later, Hannah shows up again. She has Dotson hire Magnum to find Pak Jung Soo, but ends up killing (in self-defense) Dotson and his companion, after the latter injures her. She sneaks into the estate and confronts Magnum. Then it is finally revealed why she betrayed Magnum and his friends: her father, a CIA agent, was held prisoner by a group of ex-CIA spooks. The ransom was a huge hoard of Iraqi gold. She got Intel on its location, but that Intel came at a price - betraying Magnum and his friends to the Taliban. Hannah didn't ask them for help, because she feared they would break military laws and ended up in jail.

When learning the truth, TC and Rick are not appeased, but Magnum persuades them to help him rescue Hannah's father.[2]


Magnum and his friends arrive at Mong Ton, Myanmar to exchange Pak for Hannah's father. The exchange meeting soon turns into a shootout. Hannah's father is saved, but Hannah gets fatally injured by Jason Coburn (who is subsequently killed by Magnum), and dies in Magnum's arms.[2]


  • Her last name is not revealed.
  • She is first referred to in the pilot, though indirectly and without mentioning her name: Emily tells Magnum "I hope no one ever breaks your heart", and he answers "Eh, too late for that". In "The Woman Who Never Died", she is first mentioned by name.


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