"I Do?" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on February 17, 1983.

Plot Edit

Magnum marries the niece of the company president in order to catch a thief.

Synopsis Edit

As part of his plan to catch the thief in a family-owned business, Magnum pretends he is married to the CEO's niece, who has unusual feelings about men, marriage, and Hawaii's most eligible P.I.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Katherine Cannon as Marsha Mackenzie
  • Nicolas Coster as Andrew "Andy" MacKenzie
  • Mary Jackson as Grandmother MacKenzie
  • Dick O'Neill as Harry MacKenzie
  • Doreen McLean as Greta, Grandmother MacKenzie's Cook
  • Kathy McCullen as Mary Jane Lodato, Magnum's Secretary
  • Charles Peck as Otto, Grandmother MacKenzie's Butler
  • Wayne Ward as Minister, at Wedding

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Quotes Edit

Higgins: My God, Rick, how can you drink that swill? Malaria-infested Burmese swamp water was more palatable.

(to Rick)
Higgins: Would you stop bobbing your head like some ludicrous car ornament and tell me who is responsible for these infractions.

Marsha MacKenzie: What are you doing? WHAT are you doing!?
Magnum: ... You kissed me.
Marsha MacKenzie: (laughs) Oh, "I kissed you", that's typically male. Why would I want to kiss you??
Magnum: I don't know, but it's nothing to get upset about.

Marsha MacKenzie: Well, I guess I made a pretty rotten wife, huh?!
Magnum: No, I didn't make such a hot husband...I guess this relationship stuff takes a lot of practice.
Marsha MacKenzie: It's kinda like golf for me. No matter how hard I try practicing, I never seem to break a hundred. You know what I mean?
Magnum: Yeah, I sure do.
Marsha MacKenzie: Well...
Magnum: Hey, we didn't do so bad after all. You know, all things considered.
Marsha MacKenzie: Right, all things considered. (smiles)
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