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Kenneth "Kenny" Shamberg (also known as Shammy) is a recurring character who is paralyzed also T.C. and Rick's assistant in Hawaii on Magnum P.I.. He is portrayed by Christopher Thornton.


Shammy is another friend who, as the season progressed, became an even bigger part of the team. When Rick and TC befriend fellow Iraq War veteran Shammy, in “Death Is Only Temporary,” he is beyond depressed and ready to die after being paralyzed from fighting in Iraq. When they take him surfing and then give him a reason to live — friendship, and a job working on TCs choppers as a mechanic.

Shammy returned in subsequent episodes as one of the guys and like Rick and TC, he is often roped into helping on Magnum’s cases. One thing that makes Shammy such a great recurring character is the camaraderie he shares with Rick and TC. In “I, the Deceased,” Shammy uses his mechanic skills to inspect a car for one of Magnum’s cases, and while he talks to TC, Rick wheels around in Shammy’s wheelchair like an inquisitive kid trying to figure out how his friend’s wheels work. Their friendship plays so naturally — it seems as if all three men understand each other and have a natural rapport.


  • His nickname was "Shammy".


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