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Knight Lasts Forever is the third episode of the second season for the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I., and the twenty-third episode overall, which was aired on October 11, 2019.


Kumu and Higgins are in danger when Robin's Nest is under siege by mercenaries storming the estate in order to find out the true identity of the White Knight, Robin's muse and literary hero. Also, Rick and T.C. helps one of Rick's employees when his car is stolen, and Higgins finally gives Magnum an answer about if she'll become his partner.



  • Katsumoto discovers that the mercenaries were hired by someone named "Ivan". In the original series, Ivan was the Russian agent responsible for the events in Magnum, P.I. episode "Did You See the Sunrise?".
  • When Magnum and Higgins are discussing the trap by the beach at the end, Magnum refers to the Battle of Hastings (which Higgins had been studying) as his inspiration, saying that it teaches that you always lead an enemy to water in retreat. The Battle of Hastings was not fought on the coast, and water did not play an important part in it. (In fact the Saxons followed the retreating Normans off their secure position at the top of the hill, which was what led to their loss - if Magnum had said that it teaches leading the enemy to low ground in retreat, he might have been closer to the truth.)
  • Higgins asks Magnum if she "completes him".


  • 2 (killed by Magnum)
  • 1 (killed by TC)
  • 1 (killed by Gordon)
  • 1 (killed by Rick)
  • 1 Gunman killed in explosion (set by Magnum)


  • Bre Blair and professional boxer Deontay Wilder made their guest appearance in this episode.






  • Deontay Wilder as Noah
  • Bre Blair as Lina
  • BJ Britt as Sam
  • Martin De Boer as Gunman #2
  • Adam Hart as Gunman #3
  • Tim Sitarz as Gunman #4
  • Dustin McEwen as Gunman #5
  • Dayne Catalano as Evan Butler
  • Andrew Kamoku as Salesman
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