"Letter to a Duchess" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on November 10, 1983.

Plot Edit

Higgins meets an English duchess who he was enamored with over the years.

Synopsis Edit

While Magnum prepares for an annual sea-surf race, Higgins has his hands full hiding the beautiful Lady Wilkerson from two shady pursuers. Smitten by the lady in distress, Higgins sends her a letter expressing his feelings, but she mistakenly thinks the amorous words are from Magnum. It quickly becomes a case of romance on the run when the duchess is kidnapped and the two "Romeos" must spring into action to save her.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Jane Merrow as Vivien Brock Jones, Lady Wilkerson, Duchess of Whitt
  • Terence Knapp as Wilkes
  • Max Kleven as Graham
  • Terry Head as Shopkeeper
  • Yankee Chang as Newspaper Vendor

Trivia Edit

  • The King Kamehameha Club surf ski race is mentioned again. Once again, mention is made of the young girl (Kiki Kahuna) who beat Magnum in that year's race (as well as the year before). Kiki will be mentioned again in the season 7 episode "Forty."
  • The number on Magnum's King Kamehameha Club tank top has changed. Previously, it's been #44. Now, it is #14.
  • When Higgins helps Vivian in the alley, he drops his brown paper bag (containing purchases he just made at the British-themed store), but does not bother to pick it up as he leaves.

Quotes Edit

Higgins: Lady Wilkerson, wife of the late Duke of Whitt.

Higgins: For a moment, I failed to remember that the ways of a gentleman are patently foreign to you. I revere words like honor, integrity, chivalry -- words that are clearly not in your vocabulary.
Magnum: Higgins, enough! Knocking my rubber chicken or my sloppy habits is within the rules, but you're attacking my character. I would like to think you don't mean that.
Higgins: Yes, I'm sorry. It's just that you can't know what it's like to care deeply for someone and have your hope taken.
Magnum: Yes, I can.

Magnum: I was on my third tour of duty in Vietnam. A classmate of mine, Richie Dalyrumple-White, had been missing in action for some time...
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