"Limited Engagement" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on November 3, 1983.

Plot Edit

Investigating a series of convenience store robberies, Magnum also comes across a couple of elderly ladies, who live in a broken-down house with other elderly people who are being harassed by a no-good slum lord.

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Cast Edit

Main Edit

Recurring Edit

  • Gillian Dobb as Agatha Chumley

Guest Edit

  • Mildred Natwick as Madge LaSalle
  • Darleen Carr as Heather Wilcox
  • John McLiam as Johnnie Wells
  • Martha Scott as Jeanie LaSalle
  • Jim Hutchison as Harvey Cole
  • Michael Bair as Oliver
  • Ross Lasi Tanoai as Skeeter (credited as Lasi Tanoai)
  • Jack Hisatake as Burly Man
  • Daniel Fitzsimmons as Donnie
  • Barton McCollough as Policeman (credited as Bart McCollough)

Trivia Edit

  • Jim Hutchison (Harvey Cole) is a longtime member of the local Oahu arts community. He was head of the Honolulu City Ballet, and served as artistic director at Honolulu Community Theatre (now Diamond Head Theatre) and the Hawaii director for the Screen Actors Guild. He started his career as a dancer on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Jackie Gleason Show, and later served as a choreographer. He passed away in 2009.
  • Magnum has an Uncle Richie who is the black sheep of the family and is a professional card player. Magnum will mention him in several future episodes.

Quotes Edit

Magnum: Jeanie...Jeanie, please! Would you mind not calling me "Tommy". Tommy is...a little boy with an all-day sucker.
Jeanie: Tommy, please dear come and sit down.
(Magnum sits down)

TC: Pickled egg, please.
Magnum: TC, no! C'mon, can't you come up with another joke? I mean, three days in a row? Besides, you know I hate to fish those stinky things out. I HATE 'em!
TC: Pickled egg, please.
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