Make It 'Til Dawn is the fifth episode of the second season for the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I., and the twenty-fifth episode overall, which was aired on October 25, 2019.

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On Halloween, Magnum and Jin search for a skip-tracer at a Halloween bash, just as Katsumoto tracks an escaped killer who is headed to that same party. Also, Higgins and Rick must spend the night at an allegedly haunted house in order to debunk the notion, and TC and Kumu protect a sacred Hawaiian burial ground.

Notes Edit

  • Rick says his Robin Hood costume is the from this movie.
  • T.C. says Rick's costume must be the Robin Hood from this movie


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  • Bobby Lee is the guest appearance in this episode.

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Cast Edit

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Recurring Edit

Guest Edit

  • Hayden Szeto as Pono Palima
  • Dan Southworth as Kanoa
  • Shane Miyashiro as Uni
  • Zane Rawlins as Skeleton Boy
  • Raiden Barrientos as Younger Boy
  • Eve Brenner as Helen
  • Alexa Luczak as Mermaid
  • Ryder Tadaki as Pono's Son
  • Kordell Kekoa as Kahu
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