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"Memories Are Forever" is the fifth episode of the second season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on November 5, 1981.


Magnum thinks he's spotted his one true love Michelle, the woman he married six years earlier during his last tour in Vietnam and thought to have been lost in a bombing raid. As he becomes more and more desperate to find her, he is suddenly and suspiciously recalled for active Navy duty and ordered to testify in Washington.


In this feature-length, two-part story, Magnum must come to terms with his past when he catches a glimpse of the woman he married during the Vietnam war - a woman he believed was murdered.




  • Jeff MacKay as Lieutenant McReynolds
  • Lance LeGault as Colonel Buck Greene


  • Marta DuBois as Michelle Hue
  • Clyde Kusatsu as Colonel Ki
  • Soon-Tek Oh as General Nguyen Hue (as Soon-Teck Oh)
  • Paul Burke as Admiral Kitchner
  • Brian Fong a Tan-soo
  • Soo Yong as Old Woman
  • Matthew Stinson as Seaman
  • Wesley Ogata as Vietnamese Boy
  • Yankee Chang as Vietnamese Priest



Higgins: Magnum, I don't know if you're pulling my leg as yanks put it, or not. But you are acting frightfully strange.
Magnum: Strange?
Higgins: Yes. You're being nice.
Magnum: I'm sorry Higgins, I didn't know that was bad.
Higgins: Well with anyone else it wouldn't be, but with you, one must be suspicious.
Magnum: Well, I will try and revert to type.
Higgins: Please. You're upsetting our relationship. Being nice makes me... quite uncomfortable.

TC: (slowly and with emphasis) Why hasn't she contacted you?
Magnum: Well, it would all have been pretty traumatic, maybe she has amnesia.
TC: Oh come on, you believe that?
Magnum: No! But it's possible!
TC: It's also possible that I might hook up with Diana Ross, but I ain't counting on it.
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