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"Mr. White Death" is the eighth episode of the third season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on November 18, 1982.


A professional wrestler from the mainland asks Magnum to find his son.


A former boxing champion asks Magnum to find his long-lost son, but elements of his story do not ring true.




  • Ernest Borgnine as Earl Gianelli / "Mr. White Death"
  • Margie Impert as Madeline Jones
  • James Edgcomb as Phil Lewis
  • Linda Ryan as Cora Gillson
  • Ric Marlow as Salvatore Marchese
  • James Grant as Harry Meacham
  • Lord James Blears as Ring Announcer
  • Farmer Boy Ipo as Big Zongo
  • Spitfire Brown as Joey (credited as Percy Brown Jr.)
  • Reri Tava Jobe as Jo
  • Raymond Scanlan as Bouncer


  • Rick gets punched in the jaw three times throughout the course of the episode.
  • The Samoan wrestler (Big Zongo) who wrestles with "Mr. White Death" at the beginning is played by Farmer Boy Ipo, a real life Samoan wrestler who performed mostly in Hawaii. He was part of a tag team duo known as "The Samoan Connection".


Earl Gianelli: Yeah, the Mag's puttin' me up for a couple of days.
Higgins: The Mag!?... How Magnaminous.

T.C.: Come on, Rick. You gotta learn how to defend yourself. That way, you won't have to depend on your freinds all the time to defend you.
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