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"No More Mr. Nice Guy" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on January 26, 1984.


Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin was removed as prosecutor of a major criminal case and then fired. She enlists Magnum's help in finding evidence against the man she was prosecuting.





  • Sal Viscuso as Herbie
  • James Emery as Officer John Fenady / "El Gato"
  • Norm Compton as Officer Kawana (credited as Norman Compton)
  • Jerry Harpin as Clinton
  • Peter Kalua as Kono


  • When Magnum and T.C. are driving to the drug sting, the first fleeting external shot of the Ferrari is taken from the first season episode "All Roads Lead to Floyd". T.C. is wearing a sweatband on his head and the car they overtake is Floyd's beat-up Honda N600.
  • Look closely when Magnum and Carol jump off the office building roof into the garbage truck. Kathleen Lloyd's stunt double jumps a little too far out from the edge of the roof. Her left heal hits the back edge of the garbage truck bed and her shoe is launched, like a rocket, up and out of the shot!
  • Carol's oceanfront house is seen for the first time. Her full name is mentioned by Magnum as "Carol Douglas". Her last name will change to "Baldwin" for all future episodes. We also learn that Carol took a year off between college and law school to attend a culinary school in Paris.


(Carol's drunk at the King Kamehameha Club beach bar)
Magnum: How many has she had?
Rick: Count the umbrellas, we're talking doubles.
Magnum: Why'd you keep serving her?
Rick: Hey, Thomas, I tried to stop her, but she stood up and started yelling a bunch of legal stuff at me. Look, ya gotta get her out of the Club. It doesn't look good. It doesn't look good for the Deputy D.A. either.
Carol: Waiter, I'd like another Mai Tai, por favor.

Higgins: Magnum, stop living in the past.
Magnum: Me? Me?! Higgins, you've enshrined yours. You quote every boring war story like it was carved in stone.
Higgins: Boring?
Rick: Don't worry Higgins, I like your stories.
T.C.: Yeah, me too.
Higgins: I do think I tell them with a certain panache.
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