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"On Face Value" is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on March 15, 1984.


While getting mixed up in a car chase with a couple of fencing suspects, Magnum is responsible for injuring an innocent bystander and brings her from the hospital to Robin's Nest.





  • Talia Balsam as Emily Jackson
  • Tommy Fujiwara as Dr. Komia in Hospital (as Tom Fujiwara)
  • Connie Kissinger as Hospital Nurse
  • Darryl Tsutsui as Cook
  • Leslie Llacuna as Kid
  • Dick Warlock as Jimmy Kiedash
  • Buddy Joe Hooker as Mark Kiedash


  • This episode features a really good car chase involving the Ferrari and a 1970 Pontiac GTO!
  • Magnum mentions an "Aunt Margaret" who took him to a Detroit Tigers game in August of 1956 when he "was ten years old" [see quote #3 below]. He name-checks three baseball players: Harvey Kuenn, Al Kaline, and Bob Turley.
  • In 1942, in the North African Campaign of WWII, Higgins accidentally killed a fellow British soldier (a Roger Thornsby) at night who failed to properly identify himself.


Emily: I know Gonzo and Trapper John dress like that, but I thought that was only on the tube.
Magnum: I think so. (smiles)

Emily: I was really bored one day so I watched a documentary. It was all about how sharks are attracted to certain movements, and Thomas, I'm moving just like a wounded seal!
Magnum: Well, I don't think any sharks around Oahu are used to seeing any seals. Besides, there's a great big reef out there and this tidal pool was built a long time ago to keep sharks out and sea turtles in. The local people used to raise them for food in here.
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