"One More Summer" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on February 11, 1982.

Plot Edit

Someone is trying to kill professional football quarterback Dorsey Bramlett who was the backup quarterback for Magnum at the U.S. Naval Academy. Bramlett contacts Magnum and asks Tom to be his bodyguard.

Synopsis Edit

Magnum is on the defense when he joins a professional football team to protect his quarterback Navy buddy whose life has been threatened.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • David Wilson as Dorsey Bramlett
  • Pat Morita as Jack Metro
  • Paul Tinder as Delbert Nolton
  • Louise Sorel as Eleanor Greeley
  • Dick Butkus as Clarence / Dumbo
  • Bill Edwards as Coach Bell
  • Gus Rethwisch as Clyde Sromosky (credited as Bernard "Gus" Rethwisch)
  • Robert Cain as Dr. Harvey
  • Kimber Hinkson as April Ann Metro
  • Jerry Schmeer as Walt Chambers
  • Jeffrey H. Cutrer as Security Guard, in Stadium (credited as Jeffrey Cutrer)

Trivia Edit

  • Despite receiving guest star billing, Pat Morita (Jack Metro) is barely featured in this episode and has very few lines.
  • Dorsey Bramlett was Magnum's backup quarterback at Navy during his senior year (Dorsey was three years behind him). Dorsey says Magnum was a great scrambler and had one of the best arms he's ever seen.

Quotes Edit

Higgins: No wonder they dislike you so intensely. How beastly! How savage! I'm appalled by your wanton and blatent cruelty to animals, simply appalled. This is a grave matter, one that will affect our relationship adversely.
Magnum: What doesn't?
Higgins: Magnum, you can hardly compare this atrocity to your other indiscretions.
Magnum: All right, Higgins. I'm not going to argue with you. I've taken all the abuse from both you and your Lads. Enough! You're not gonna have Thomas Magnum to kick around anymore!

Dorsey Bramlett: I love this game, I really do.

(On finding Magnum wearing an old American Football helmet)
Higgins: Even for you I find this evening's attire most bizarre. A rough divorce case pending?
Magnum: Higgins...
Higgins: Or is it some exotic fantasy you engage in after the sun goes down. Win one for the Dipper something or other.
Magnum: Gipper!
Higgins: What?
Magnum: It's Gipper, not Dipper!

Magnum: Even in the Hawaiian sunshine, football, to me, smelt like fall in New England. Someplace there should be a prep band playing, pretty girls in short skirts, and I was 21 again with an arm that could throw passes all afternoon. (Narration)
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