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Robin Masters is a multi millionaire author that owns several estates.


Robin was a journalist embedded with USA special operations team in Iraq. He told Magnum and his friends that someday he would pay them back for the material they were giving him for a series of books he was planning to write. Later he became a New York Times best-selling author. He offered Magnum the job as live-in security consultant as a way to supplement his P.I. business, and Magnum agreed.[1]

After his time as a war journalist, he stayed in the estate, where he wrote his first White Knight novel. Once the White Knight franchise became a runaway global success, he purchased the estate.[2]

He helped TC get his chopper, and got Rick the job running the King Kamehameha Club.[2]


  • He owns a yacht.[3]
  • His birthday is August 4th.[2]
  • His first novel is called "White Knight: Queen's Gambit".[2]
  • So far, he has not made an appearance in the show.
    • In the Original show, Masters appeared in a very few episodes (portrayed by Orson Welles), and his face was never shown. Magnum claimed that Higgins was in fact Robin, but that was never verified.