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Background Information
Title: Season 2
Cast: Tom Selleck

John Hillerman
Roger E. Mosley
Larry Manetti

No. of Seasons:


No. of episodes:



October 8, 1981 – April 1, 1982


Billy Joe Bob


Three Minus Two

The second season of the crime drama series Magnum, P.I. which was premiered on October 8, 1981 and concluded on April 1, 1982. This season consisted for 21 episodes.




  • Kwan Hi Lim as Lt. Yoshi Tanaka
  • Gillian Dobb as Agatha Chumley
  • Lance LeGault as Colonel "Buck" Greene
  • Jeff MacKay as Lt. MacReynolds


  • Tyne Daly as Kate Suillivan
  • Mimi Rogers as Margo Perina
  • Jill St. John as Jan Kona


  • It was released for second season DVD on April 12, 2005.
  • The guest appearance in this season are Tyne Daly, Mimi Rogers, Pat Morita, Larry Pennell and Jill St. John.


# Image Title Airdate
1 Billy Joe Bob.jpg Billy Joe Bob October 8, 1981
Billy Joe Bob, a hotheaded Texan, engages Magnum's services when his sister, Carol Ann, goes missing. Magnum has his hands full trying to keep Billy Joe from beating up every local who gets in his way and trying to find Carol Ann, who has gotten in over her head with the wrong crowd.
2 Dead Man's Channel.jpg Dead Man's Channel October 15, 1981
After her archaeologist father's boat is found deserted at sea in the Nihoa Channel, a marine biology student hires Magnum to find out what happened to him. The local natives warn Magnum to stay away from the "cursed" channel, but he's determined to find out what happened to the missing man.
3 The Woman on the Beach.jpg The Woman on the Beach October 22, 1981
Sara Clifford committed suicide in the Summer of 1945 by driving her car off a cliff. Rick meets a woman dressed in white named Sarah in the King Kamehameha Club but when they go for a walk on the beach, the woman disappears.
4 From Moscow to Maui.jpg From Moscow to Maui October 29, 1981
A defected Russian pilot named Yuri Dolgof hires Magnum to get his fiancée Nina, a member of the Soviet track team to defect as well.
5 Memories Are Forever.jpg Memories Are Forever November 8, 1981
Magnum thinks he's spotted his one true love Michelle, the woman he married six years earlier during his last tour in Vietnam and thought to have been lost in a bombing raid. As he becomes more and more desperate to find her, he is suddenly and suspiciously recalled for active Navy duty and ordered to testify in Washington.
6 Tropical Madness.jpg Tropical Madness November 12, 1981
Jennifer Chapman, a young English rose takes a liking to Higgins. Naturally, Magnum suspects her of being after something.
7 Wave Goodbye.jpg Wave Goodbye November 19, 1981
Magnum's friend Kacy, an ex-surfboarding champion, is found dead on the beach and TM investigates to find the murderer.
8 Mad Buck Gibson.jpg Mad Buck Gibson November 26, 1981
The infamous daredevil and author 'Mad' Buck Gibson parachutes on to the beach near the club. Joan, one of his ex-wives, hires Magnum to keep an eye on Buck to make sure she collects her alimony. Although Magnum can't stand the idea of being a babysitter, Gibson leaves a trail of destruction behind him that sees both Higgins and Rick end up in hospital.
9 The Taking of Dick McWilliams.jpg The Taking of Dick McWilliams December 3, 1981
Dick McWilliams, an old military buddy of Magnum's has been kidnapped. Dick's Japanese wife Mitsu ask TM to drop the ransom without informing the police or her father, who never approved of the marriage in the first place.
10 The Sixth Position.jpg The Sixth Position December 17, 1981
Kendall Chase, a prima ballerina, is staying at the estate as a guest of Robin Masters. Magnum is tasked with being her bodyguard after an incident in New York City.
11 Ghost Writer.jpg Ghost Writer December 24, 1981
Virginia Fowler is ghost writing the autobiography of the elusive, wealthy eccentric Harold Farber. She hires Magnum after her apartment is ransacked and her notes and tapes of the book are stolen.
12 The Jororo Kill.jpg The Jororo Kill January 7, 1982
Kate Sullivan, a reporter that Magnum, TC and Rick met in Vietnam, wants Magnum to find a former British MI6 strategist who dropped out of sight to write a book and may be arriving in Hawaii.
13 Computer Date.jpg Computer Date January 14, 1982
Magnum is searching for a spy who's been selling computer information from a large corporation. The president of the company tells him he suspects his wife of having an affair and asks him to follow her. Magnum is distressed to find her having an intimate dinner with one of his best friends, Rick.
14 Try to Remember.jpg Try to Remember January 28, 1982
The Ferrari, with an unconscious and injured Magnum in it, is found at the bottom of a cliff. Magnum is rushed to a hospital but when he regains consciousness is found to have amnesia and cannot remember what happened.
15 Italian Ice.jpg Italian Ice February 4, 1982
Magnum goes to Sicily at the request of Robin Masters to rescue a friend's daughter who was being held by mobsters. Tom rescues the girl and brings her back to the estate and then trouble occurs.
16 One More Summer.jpg One More Summer February 11, 1982
Someone is trying to kill professional football quarterback Dorsey Bramlett who was the backup quarterback for Magnum at the U.S. Naval Academy. Bramlett contacts Magnum and asks Tom to be his bodyguard.
17 Texas Lightning.jpg Texas Lightning February 18, 1982
Magnum is hired by Jeannie Lowry as a bodyguard while she plays high-stakes poker on a yacht.
18 Double Jeopardy.jpg Double Jeopardy February 25, 1982
Magnum returns from California and finds a Hollywood crew on the estate filming a movie based on a Robin Masters' novel. When the star's double is injured, Magnum is hired as his replacement.
19 The Last Page.jpg The Last Page March 4, 1982
A Vietnam veteran from Seattle hires Magnum to find his girlfriend who came to Hawaii and then disappeared.
20 The Elmo Ziller Story.jpg The Elmo Ziller Story March 25, 1982
Someone is trying to murder Elmo Ziller, Higgins' illegitimate half-brother from Texas. Elmo has brought his rodeo to Hawaii and Magnum is asked to protect him.
21 Three Minus Two.jpg Three Minus Two April 1, 1982
Jan Kona and her two partners operate a very successful fashion company. When one of the partners is murdered, Jan asks Magnum to protect her.
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