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Background Information
Title: Season 2
Cast: Tom Selleck

John Hillerman
Roger E. Mosley
Larry Manetti

No. of Seasons:


No. of episodes:



September 27, 1984 – April 4, 1985


Echoes of the Mind (Part 1)


A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken

The fifth season of the crime drama series Magnum, P.I. which was premiered on September 27, 1984 and concluded on April 4, 1985. This season consisted for 22 episodes.




  • Kwan Hi Lim as Lt. Yoshi Tanaka
  • Gillian Dobb as Agatha Chumley
  • Lance LeGault as Buck Greene
  • Elisha Cook Jr. as Francis "Icepick" Hofstetler
  • Glenn Cannon as Dr. "Doc Ibold" Ibold, M.D.
  • Marta DuBois as Michelle Hue
  • Jean Bruce Scott as Lieutenant (later Lt. Commander) Maggie Poole


  • Sharon Stone was a special guest in this season.
  • In was released from DVD on October 10, 2006.


# Image Title Airdate
1 Echoes of the Mind (Part 1).jpg Echoes of the Mind (Part 1) September 27, 1984
Higgins is getting married and Magnum is hired by Diane Dupres who believes people are attempting to harm her.
2 Echoes of the Mind (Part 2).jpg Echoes of the Mind (Part 2) October 4, 1984
Deirdre Dupres, Diane's twin sister, arrives and tells Magnum the truth about Diane.
3 Mac's Back.jpg Mac's Back October 11, 1984
Magnum is despondent over his loss of his wife Michelle, his father, Mac McReynolds and now Diane Dupres. While driving in Honolulu the next day, he sees a man who could be an identical twin for Mac McReynolds.
4 The Legacy of Garwood Huddle.jpg The Legacy of Garwood Huddle October 18, 1984
Garwood Huddle, an infamous 1940s bank robber, escapes from a Hawaiian prison and asks Magnum to help locate his grandson who has been kidnapped.
5 Under World.jpg Under World October 28, 1984
TC is returning from Molokai when he encounters engine problems and crashes into the water just before landing.
6 Fragments.jpg Fragments November 1, 1984
A psychic hires Magnum to save her from the future she's seen for herself - being murdered! Meanwhile, Magnum also finds danger in trying to get paid by a client, and Higgins organizes a benefit variety show.
7 Blind Justice.jpg Blind Justice November 8, 1984
Carol Baldwin, the assistant district attorney, hires Magnum to investigate a man who allegedly murdered his wife.
8 Murder 101.jpg Murder 101 November 15, 1984
Magnum is teaching a class in private investigation at a local college and the class decides to find the missing fiancé of one of the students.
9 Tran Quoc Jones.jpg Tran Quoc Jones November 29, 1984
A 10-year-old Amerasian boy, who is in the country illegally, asks Magnum to help him find his father.
10 Luther Gillis (episode) 2.jpg Luther Gillis: File No. 001 December 6, 1984
Robin Masters asks Magnum to track down an embezzler working in a local bank. Meanwhile, Higgins is being blackmailed and since Magnum is busy, he recruits Luther Gillis to help him find the blackmailer.
11 Kiss of the Sabre.jpg Kiss of the Sabre December 13, 1984
Magnum has been evicted from the guest house so that Betty Wyndom can write a mystery novel based on the character Sebastian Sabre.
12 Little Games.jpg Little Games January 3, 1985
A Robin Masters' sponsored jewelry design competition is being held at the estate with over $170 million worth of jewelry on display and the insurance company sends Krista Villeroch to check on the estate's security.
13 Professor Jonathan Higgins.jpg Professor Jonathan Higgins January 10, 1985
Higgins' cousin Sally arrives in Hawaii to get married and Higgins has a big surprise. Meanwhile, Magnum is helping Agatha recover $10,000 from a bankrupt investment.
14 Compulsion.jpg Compulsion January 24, 1985
Someone is harassing Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin and Magnum agrees to help her. Higgins is facing a reunion with his old Sandhurst classmates.
15 All for One (Part 1).jpg All for One (Part 1) January 31, 1985
Magnum, TC, Rick and Higgins volunteer to go to Cambodia to rescue two Americans.
16 All for One (Part 2).jpg All for One (Part 2) February 7, 1985
Magnum and Higgins are captured along with Tyler. Rick and TC rescue Magnum and the others, and a gun fight ensues. Freedom wins and everyone returns home.
17 The Love-for-Sale Boat.jpg The Love-for-Sale Boat February 14, 1985
Mac sells Rick an expensive boat crewed by three beautiful Japanese women.
18 Let Me Hear the Music.jpg Let Me Hear the Music February 21, 1985
Magnum is hired by a country and western singer who is looking for five songs written by his friend 30 years ago.
19 Ms Jones.jpg Ms. Jones March 7, 1985
Ms. Jones, the records clerk that Magnum always encounters, asks TM to find her missing husband.
20 The Man from Marseilles.jpg The Man from Marseilles March 14, 1985
World famous French detective Jean Claude Fornier arrives in Hawaii and asks Magnum to help him find a missing heir.
21 Torah, Torah, Torah.jpg Torah, Torah, Torah March 28, 1985
A Torah is stolen from a rabbi who is Higgins' friend and Magnum volunteers to help recover it.
22 A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken.jpg A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken April 4, 1985
Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin's seventeen-year-old cousin is missing, and Carol asks Magnum to help find her.
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