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Someone To Watch Over Me is the eighth episode of the third season for the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I., and the forty-eighth episode overall, which was aired on February 12, 2021.


Magnum and Higgins track down Paul, a 22-year old patient of Ethan's who fled after Ethan found a bullet in him that punctured a lung. Ethan says Paul has no more than a few hours to live without surgery. Magnum and Higgins learn of a secret involving Paul's family, an accidental shooting, and a 12-year old unsolved murder case. Meanwhile, T.C. offers to help his Marine friend with recruiting efforts, but soon realizes that one particular recruit is joining for the wrong reasons. Also, Rick hires Suzy, a woman he previously helped (S.2, Ep.19), to paint a mural on the newly-repaired bar wall. After learning she's down on her luck, Rick offers Suzy a bartender job.



  • Doctor Shah's ringtone is Robert Palmer's "Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)."
  • Paul's father Henry says that while Tanner doesn't have a listed mobile phone number, he does have a pre-paid phone. He then passes his mobile to Magnum so that Higgins can trace the number. However, the display on the phone says that it is Paul's number (which they already have), rather than Tanner's.
  • Magnum says that he and Higgins have a Cone of Silence.


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Rick Wright: Straight flush.
Magnum: Aw, come on.
Rick Wright: Come to papa.

Ethan Shah: Hey, you want a scrip for that? I, I know you've been having trouble sleeping.
Magnum: How would you know that?
Juliet Higgins: I might have mentioned it.





  • John Marshall Jones as Henry Wilson
  • Jarren Amian as Paul
  • Corey Champagne as Tanner
  • Denver Seavy as Young Paul
  • Tristin Seavy as Young Tanner
  • Jose Pablo Cantillo as Mitch Desanto
  • Avery Whitted as Joey
  • Robert Wu as Doctor
  • Jantzen Weight as Guy
  • Chloe Tsuyono Tabata Amos as Lana
  • Taina Tully as Detective Laura Palea
  • Cassie Favreau-Chung as Nurse
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