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The Cat Who Cried Wolf is the seventh episode of the first season in the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I. which was aired on November 5, 2018.


Magnum takes the case of a little girl's missing cat and, in the process, stumbles upon another cat's murdered owner who happens to be an FBI agent.


  • Magnum tries to go to sleep and he later woke up.
  • Cecilia is looking for her missing cat named "Mitten" and plan to help by Magnum.
  • Magnum has found Mittens and he's allergic to cats.
  • Magnum was mentioned about his pet parrot from his uncle.
  • What happened to Max (Cat)?


  • Colin Francis


  • The red Hawaiian shirt given to Magnum, also called an Aloha Shirt, is similar to the one worn by Tom Selleck but is not the same shirt. The one worn in the original series is from the brand 'Paradise Found' and the pattern is called 'Jungle Bird'. This shirt's pattern is just palm trees on a red background.


Thomas Magnum: Uh, well, I was, uh... I was hired to find a cat, and...
Gordy Katsumoto: [Laughing] I-I'm sorry, a cat? Is he serious?
Juliet Higgins: Sadly, yes.
Thomas Magnum: Anyway, I found the cat. It was the wrong one. This one had blood on it. We tracked the cat back here, we found body. Figured the cat came in contact with the body at some point.
Gordy Katsumoto: And where's your furry witness now?




  • Stella Edwards as Cecilia Simpson
  • Navi Rawat as Isabelle Simpson
  • Austin Basis as Robert Fraser
  • Carlos Sanz as Carl Nadella
  • Andy McDermott as Colin Francis

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