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"The Eighth Part of the Village" is the third episode of the third season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on October 14, 1982.


Higgins sends Magnum to the docks to pick up a crate of books but instead of books, he finds a young Japanese woman in the crate.


A Pandora's box is opened when Magnum realizes that the crate of books he picked up at the docks actually contains a Japanese stowaway.




  • Kim Miyori as Mioshi Osawa
  • Rick Hill as Lee Chambers (credited as Richard Hill)
  • Danny Kamekona as Sato Osawa
  • Dick Durock as Jansen
  • Donald Gibb as Harms
  • Peter Kalua as Keoni
  • Jorie Remus as Mrs. Cheever
  • Erick Scarsborough as Pool player
  • Christine Pan James as Pearl Diver (credited as Christine Pan)
  • Allan Okubo as Chauffeur


  • Danny Kamekona portray's Higgins friend from World War II, a former Japanese soldier named Sato. Four years later, this same actor would also play another Sato, Miyagi's nemesis in The Karate Kid Part II.
  • Roy Chambers (played by Rick Hill) is listed in the opening credits as "Lee Chambers".


Higgins: To the untrained eye this may appear to be just another suburban lawn. For your information, we are standing on a scientifically formulated carpet of Bahia, Kentucky Bluegrass, and an African Zoysia. One doesn't just "mow it"!

Magnum: Hi, guys!

Magnum: You were supposed to kill me?
Mr. Jansen: Nothing personal. We're only doing our job, that's all.
Mr. Harms: So, ah, no hard feelings right?!
Magnum: Wrong.

Higgins: For some reason you're being intentionally obtuse!
Magnum: Obtuse?!
Higgins: Vague!
Magnum: I know what it means Higgins!
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