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The Legacy of Garwood Huddle is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on October 18, 1984.


Garwood Huddle, an infamous 1940s bank robber, escapes from a Hawaiian prison and asks Magnum to help locate his grandson who has been kidnapped.




  • Elisha Cook Jr. as Francis "Ice Pick" Hofstetler (as Elisha Cook)


  • Pat Hingle as Garwood Huddle
  • John Ratzenberger as Walt Brewster
  • Belinda Montgomery as Frannie Huddle
  • Philip Sterling as Harry Clayborn
  • Michael Anderson Jr. as Garwood Huddle Jr.
  • Nancy DeCarl as TV Newscaster (as Nancy De Carl)
  • William Bryant as Arnold "Slick" Sims
  • Dick Durock as Norm
  • Loretta Fury as Myra
  • Wisa D'Orso as Mavis


  • The news reader (voice) at the beginning is Phil Hartman
  • Nancy DeCarl makes a brief appearance as a TV newscaster. She is married to Larry Manetti and once was a real life TV news reporter.
  • Guest star John Ratzenberger plays Garwood's son-in-law Walt Brewster (the kidnapper) in this episode. Walt's best friend is named "Norm", just like Ratzenberger's more famous character Cliff Clavin in Cheers!
  • Magnum spends most of this episode smelling like a combination of old gym shorts and Brussels sprouts thanks to some "Patchismo" cologne, which is supposed to bring out a persons natural scent.


Magnum: Well, you could have got us both arrested! Then who would have found your little grandson?
Garwood: We ain't arrested! We're riding around in this fancy Italian race car of yours! Real inconspicuous! El Higgo told me you were very good, but I'm beginning to wonder, buddy.
Magnum: He said that?!

T.C.: You know, there's that smell again. It's smells kinda funny, like old gym shorts. You smell it Thomas?
Magnum: (says nothing)
T.C.: It's gettin' worse. It smells like old Brussels sprouts.
Magnum: Ok! Ok! Ok...It's me. Some guy gave me this sample of "Patchismo" cologne.
T.C.: "Patchismo" col...Is this the same guy that gave you the "PatWax"?
Magnum: Yes, and I put some on and now I can't wash it off.
T.C.: Man, you should have smelled that stuff before you put it on.
Magnum: It doesn't smell like anything. It's supposed to take on your own natural scent.
T.C.: Heh, boy if that's your own natural scent you've got a serious problem.
Magnum: Look, will you stop it please and help me find William Daniels!
T.C.: Yeah, sure. You just stay downwind.
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