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The Man in the Secret Room is the seventh episode of the second season for the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I., and the twenty-seventh episode overall, which was aired on November 8, 2019.


While Magnum helps out his friend Russell Harlan and temporarily works as the head of a hotel’s security, he investigates the death of a guest who was thrown from her room’s balcony while working on a secret investigation of her own. Also, Icepick is released from jail and is trying to keep a secret from Rick.



  • Georgia Preston (thrown off hotel balcony)


  • Corbin Bernsen is best remembered for L.A. Law.
  • Lee Majors headlined The Fall Guy and The Six Million Dollar Man, the former being a contemporary series to the original Magnum. He also co-starred in the early 1990s series Raven, which was set in Hawaii and in which he played a private detective.
  • Larry Manetti who played Rick Wright in the original Magnum series. His current role is a crossover character, Nicky 'The Kid' DeMarco, from Hawaii Five-0.
  • Catherine Dent most well-known role was from the crime procedural The Shield.


Juliet Higgins: Would you mind shutting your legs, please? It looks like the window of a butcher shop.





  • Craig Stark as Art Friedland
  • Hans Hedemann as Himself
  • Catherine Dent as Georgia Preston
  • Lanny Joon as Tony Zhao
  • Jesus I. Ramos as Ryan
  • Kelly Sry as Red
  • Nikki McKenzie as Mia Zhao
  • Lee Majors as Russell Harlan
  • Pierson Mook as Donnie
  • Walter Eccles II as Tourist
  • Wendy Calio-Gilbert as Concierge
  • Carolyn Reid as Elderly Woman
  • Marlon Rhoden as Man
  • Kesiah Castellano as Maid of Honor
  • Mike Cho as Lt. Kamila
  • Noel Schnaible as Mom
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