"The Sixth Position" is the tenth episode of the second season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on December 17, 1981.

Plot Edit

Kendall Chase, a prima ballerina, is staying at the estate as a guest of Robin Masters. Magnum is tasked with being her bodyguard after an incident in New York City.

Synopsis Edit

Magnum is dancing to a different beat when he finds himself bodyguard to a famous (and stubborn) ballerina who's been the target of several murder attempts in this thrilling adventure of international intrigue.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Recurring Edit

  • Jeff MacKay as Lieutenant McReynolds

Guest Edit

  • Andrea Marcovicci as Kendall Chase
  • Corinne Camacho as Elaine Selmire (credited as Corinne Michaels)
  • Signe Hasso as Lucia Prince
  • Doug Barden as CIA Agent Barnett
  • Bob Fimiani as CIA Agent Kelsey
  • Devon Guard as Martina Orsatti
  • David Palmer as Soviet KGB Agent
  • Robert L. Silva as Police Jailer (credited as Robert Silva)

Trivia Edit

  • The title refers the feet positions used in ballet and the title refers to a fictitious six position.
  • The now destroyed North and South towers of the World Trade Center are visible at the begging of the episode.
  • In the opening ballet, Swan Lake, Odile and Odette are portrayed by two different ballerinas. While not unheard of, this is rare. The dual role of Odile and Odette is a prestige role in the story ballets and a test for any prima ballerina.

Quotes Edit

T.C.: Kendall Chase? Hey, T.M., you're not pullin' my leg or nothin'? I mean, just tryin' to get back at me because of that volleyball madness?
Magnum: No.
Rick: So, who's this guy Kendall Chase?
T.C.: She is only one of the world's prima ballerinas! She was a principal dancer with the Giroux Ballet Company. Before that she was with the New York under Balanchine. She also danced with the Royal, the Bolshoi, the Kirov, and she was the first American to win the International Competition in Leningrad. Kendall Chase! Oh!
Rick: T.C., since when did you become a dance maniac?
T.C.: Aficionado, aficionado. I've always loved the ballet.

(regarding T.C.'s newly announced love of ballet)
Rick: It's 'Nam. He cracked. We just never realised it.

Magnum: If this had been a regular hire, I would have told Ms. Chase where to stick her toe shoe, but, since it came through Robin, I had to take a deep breath, count to ten, and remember my blessings.

Elaine Selmire: (Points gun at Magnum) Magnum, this is a matter of national security!
Magnum: (Sarcastically) Isn't it always?
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