"The Taking of Dick McWilliams" is the ninth episode of the second season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on December 3, 1981.

Plot Edit

Dick McWilliams, an old military buddy of Magnum's has been kidnapped. Dick's Japanese wife Mitsu ask TM to drop the ransom without informing the police or her father, who never approved of the marriage in the first place.

Synopsis Edit

A wealthy old friend of Magnum's has been kidnapped, and his wife wants the ransom delivered without her critical father discovering the truth.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Irene Yah-Ling Sun as Mitsu McWilliams
  • John Fujioka as Nishimoto
  • Guy Stockwell as Dick McWilliams
  • Moe Keale as Kaholo
  • Reri Tava Jobe as Gloria Bower
  • Barbara Kelly as Woman on Boat
  • Esmond Chung as George - Security Guard

Trivia Edit

  • As Rick is running license checks on the vehicles, he reports one that belongs to McGarrett, as in Steve McGarrett of Five-O.
  • Guest star Guy Stockwell is the older brother of Dean Stockwell, who later starred in another television series created by Donald Bellisario, Quantum Leap.

Quotes Edit

TC: How can you tell if someone's a kidnapper or not?
Rick: You mean you didn't check those names out?
TC: Of course I checked them out. The first one was a cop at 5.0. I think he probably wasn't our man.
Rick: Well what was his name?
Rick: (checks his notes) McGarrett.

Magnum: You know, you're really something. You may nog like Dick, but he's your daughter's husband.
Nishimoto: That is not a marriage I approved.
Magnum: So you torture her? When she's scared and in pain?
(Nishimoto turns to his daughter and speaks in Japanese)
Nishimoto: (shouting) Speak English!
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