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Theodore "T.C." Calvin
Theodore Calvin.jpg
Biographical Information
Relationships: Thomas Magnum (Partner/Boss/Friend)

Rick Wright (Best Friend)

Character Information
First appearance: Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii
Portrayed by: Roger E. Mosley
Remake Actor: Stephen Hill

Theodore "T.C." Calvin is one of Thomas Magnum's friends that have been with him since the Vietnam war, he is the owner of the Island Hoppers sky transport service. He helps Magnum or others travel around the islands. He does not like being involved in Magnum's cases. But he will sometimes help. He and Rick hang out at the King Kamehameha club to discuss what their plans are. He was played by Roger E. Mosley.


He grew up in New Orleans where his father was a shopkeeper. He has four brothers who were never seen or named in the show.

He graduated from Grambling State University in 1968, where he was an All-American Tight End in football and the 3rd all-time leading basketball scorer in school history. After college, he enlisted in the USMC. He trained at Camp Lejuene where he was a Light Heavyweight Gold Glove Boxing Champion. After his Vietnam service ended in the early 70s, he resigned from the USMC. He worked for Ken Enderlin Charters as a helicopter pilot, among other jobs, for "several years" before saving up enough money to start his own charter company in 1980.

Theo owns a house in central Oahu with a great view, high in the Waianae Range near the Kolekole Pass and the Schofield Barracks. He was previously married to Tina Calvin and has two children, a son (Bryant Calvin) and a daughter (Melody Calvin), who live on the mainland with their mother. In the series finale, T.C. reconciles with his wife. Theodore spends quite a bit of time volunteering for underprivileged kids and coaches a Little League baseball team. He is also a member of the Marine Forces Reserves.

T.C. is a southpaw. His hobbies include music (especially singing), reading (James Michener, Buck Gibson, Robin Masters & others) cajun-style cooking, dance (particularly ballet), basketball, softball and volleyball. He is an expert at street fighting and is a teetotaler (although he did drink several times in the first season). He can often be seen wearing a VMO-2 Da Nang baseball cap, blue jeans and striped suspenders.


  • TC is always industrious, fun-loving, athletic, powerfully built, small business owner and helicopter pilot, whose friendship with Magnum and Rick dates back to the late sixties and the Vietnam War, where he was a U.S. Marine Corp UH-1 ("Huey") helicopter pilot (Rick was his door gunner) involved in troop transport, reconnaissance, and attack missions with the VMO-2 squadron. He served three tours of duty and was a Prisoner of War (with Magnum) for three months.