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Thomas Magnum
Thomas Magnum.jpg
Biographical Information
Real Name: Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV
Relationships: Jonathan Quayle Higgins III (mentor)
Rick Wright (partner/best-friend)
Theodore Calvin (partner/best-friend)
Character Information
First appearance: Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii
Portrayed by: Tom Selleck
Remake Actor: Jay Hernandez

Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV is a licensed Private Investigator, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and as of 1988 had returned to the United States Navy as a Commander.

Early life[]

Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV was born on August 8, 1945.[1] Both his father and grandfather were naval officers.

Naval Academy[]

Magnum was the quarterback in the 1967 Army–Navy Game during his senior year at the United States Naval Academy. Kenneth Reese was the backup quarterback. During the game, Magnum “went 21 for 30, with two touchdowns in the air, and a scramble for another.” Magnum also made a key tackle during the game: “One of the passes I missed was intercepted. The fastest man on the Army team caught it, and he got past everybody, until I was the only guy left that had a chance to catch him. The guy was faster than me, and I knew it, but I wasn’t going to get beat by my own mistake.” The Secretary of the Navy presented Magnum with the game ball, but it was eaten by the team’s goat mascot. Kenneth Reese was the backup quarterback. (“No More Mr. Nice Guy”)


  • Personal details: In “Memories are Forever” (Ep.2-05), Magnum’s drivers license was shown briefly on screen giving the viewer the following information: SSN 546-10-8740, Hair BRN, Weight 205, Height 6'4", Eyes BL, DOB 1/05/46, and his old address (pre Robin’s Nest) of 11435 18th Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816.
  • Age/Birthday: The first episode to reference Magnum’s birthday was “Memories are Forever” (Ep.2-05) which listed it as January 5, 1946 on his drivers licensee.
    • "Try to Remember" (Ep.2-15) Magnum—waking up in the hospital with a serious head wound—gives his birthday as August 8, 1944.
    • "Two Birds of a Feather" (ep 3-19) Magnum says he woke up one day and realized he was 32 and he never had the chance to be 22, putting his birthyear at 1951.
    • "Home From the Sea" (ep 4-1) Magnum's confirmed birthyear IS 1945 from July 4, 1950.
    • "Letter to a Duchess" (Ep.4-06) Magnum gives his age as 38, putting his birth date between November 1944 and November 1945.
    • In "On Face Value" (Ep.4-19), Magnum makes a point of being ten—not yet eleven—on August 4, 1956, when he attended his first Tigers game during their pennant race. This would put his birthday between August 5, 1945 and August 3, 1946. (August 8, 1945 This birth date fits in the “Duchess” range, matches the year Selleck was born, and would fit with a wounded Magnum having simply misspoken the year in “Remember”. On-the-other-hand, January 5, 1946—also in this episode's range—would match his drivers license.)
    • Forty” (Ep.7-17, aired February 2, 1987) is about Magnum’s 40th birthday, putting his birth in February 1947, which does not fit with any of the above dates, or the years he attended Annapolis.
    • ’"Resolutions" (Ep 8-12, aired May 1,1988) his birthday is confirmed as August 8, 1945 n surprised Birthday is planned