"Three Minus Two" is the twenty-first episode of the final second season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on March 25, 1982.

Plot Edit

Jan Kona and her two partners operate a very successful fashion company. When one of the partners is murdered, Jan asks Magnum to protect her.

Synopsis Edit

Magnum learns that the fashion industry can be murder when a beautiful designer turns to him for protection after one of her partners is slain, and she suspects that her other partner is the killer.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Denny Miller as Ox
  • Jill St. John as Jan Kona
  • Robert Harker as Bart Lindsey
  • Wayne Ward as Wayne Lochman
  • Don Lamond as Alan Russell
  • Dick Jensen as Police Detective Sergeant Kaio
  • Teri Ann Linn as Wendy Clane (credited as Teri Linn)
  • Julia Nickson as Lani (credited as Julie Nickson)
  • Gibo Romero as Kimo

Trivia Edit

  • Jill St. John as a guest star from the movie Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and the wife of Robert Wagner.
  • Contains the well-known scene where Magnum teaches a woman to snorkel. A clip from this part is seen in the opening credits of the series.

Quotes Edit

Magnum: Higgins, if you never play games, how do you ever have any fun?

(to Magnum)
T.C.: I knew this investigative business was easy, else you wouldn't be in it!

Magnum: I'm supposed to meet Jan Kona here.
Rick: Oh yeah!
Magnum: What do you mean, oh yeah?
Rick: Nothin', except she's one sexy lady, pal.
Magnum: How well do you know her?
Rick: Not as well as I'd like to. Her real name is Janie Cougin. She used to be a waitress. Thomas, she used to wear this little costume and she wore these black mesh stockings. She had legs all the way up to her neck. It was to die when you see this dame!
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