Magnum is an elder.He is smart and a Contra Leader.He is modern and from a state in America.He is from a space war from America in space vs colored evil Mongols of duplicated Soviet Union before WW1 in space.His allied friends from Colorado and Nebraska were his buddies from war.They were America's best warfare attack assembled to such an enemy as duplicating Mongols.They are of many colors and are very tough enemy.Its in metal songs like Black Sabbath and Tool.Magnum has memories when he was driving Robin Master's Ferrari and match back with Knight Rider.They all loved baseball and what IF or OF could they be in playing baseball and what team would draft Magnum.He even shows he likes Toronto that won but Toronto has problems.They can't play like the Yankees baseball system.They don't know.That is why J's are losing.Toronto has to be runned by NY in order to know and Yanks would have to trash them spoiler because of competing vs them in same division.Magnum is marxmen.He took on thugs and got rid of them with his military skills.He also solves mysteries.And the Pacific not just Hawaii is what he was into.Antarctica.New Zealand as that is how Hawaiians live like.And I am from Tribal Pacific.Magnum would be awesome that he got old and went back to Navy and took a high ranks role.Then the giant warship of Zor Primes was fighting with Zentraedi.The warship was hit and crashed on Macross Island in Pacific.Magnum and his military colleagues went to the site of "Macross".Robotech theme over the years in decade the UN and militaries combined as world to repair the might warship and make it part of earth.They learned a new technology about robots and machines called"Robotech".New fighters were made that had skills a normal fighter did not have even though they are heavier than fighters.Under US Navy Macross and Magnum's role that after Magnum PI is Macross.He is older like Captain Henry Gloval.He has moustache and same tone.