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Whispers of Death is the fourteenth episode of the third season for the 2018 remake of Magnum P.I., and the fifty-fourth episode overall, which was aired on April 16, 2021.


Magnum and Higgins are hired by a psychic who tells them a man is going to murder his wife the next day. Determined to see it through regardless of their skepticism, the two investigate the couple, only to learn from Katsumoto that the psychic was herself murdered. The P.I.s then learn that, to boost her reputation for accuracy, the psychic hid listening devices in the crystals she sold. However, she only heard part of the suspect husband's conversation, and he's really a mob hitman intent on killing someone else. The case hits Higgins hard, as she realizes she's also keeping a secret from Ethan about her MI6 past. Meanwhile, Kumu gets involved when a card with her name is found in a duffel bag full of stolen jewels, which she recognizes as once belonging to Imelda Marcos.




  • Charlotte Mary Wen played a younger version of Amy Hill in Just Add Magic as well.





  • Charlotte Mary Wen as Young Kumu
  • Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as Manui Vasega
  • Alex Mauga as Kaipu Tuleta
  • Helena Mattsson as Megan McGrady
  • Dylan Bruce as Matt McGrady
  • Christine Jugueta as Imelda Marcos
  • Lelea'e Kahalepuna-Wong as Sylvia Duponte
  • Sally Jackson as Madame Evanora
  • Jocelyn May as Ellen K. Travers
  • Judy Nguyen as Uni #1
  • Troy Williams as Uni #3
  • Christopher Jay as Maui Uni #1
  • Perry Kainoa as Maui Uni #2
  • Fili Leasau as Young Manui
  • Paula Fuga as Herself
  • Michael Grande as Band Member #1
  • Frederick Alcain as Band Member #2
  • Brad Watanabe as Band Member #3
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